Summer Social Rescheduling

Your SIPOA Board continues its commitment to sponsoring events throughout the year for all our members and residents. We had originally scheduled the summer social for August 11, however due to a lack of sufficient response and because we truly want to engage as many people as we can, we have chosen to move the event to September 26th at 6:30 pm at the Woman’s Club on Snell Isle Blvd, and combine it with an important guest speaker. This is going to be a free family event, sponsored by SIPOA, where children and adults can enjoy socializing, along with food and beverages.

Your SIPOA Board is, and has been committed to sponsoring free events throughout the year to bring our membership and residents together to engage, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends. We also endeavor to bring informative speakers to discuss issues of relevance and importance to our community. Specifically, Snell Isle has become the subject of a number of water issues. First, as many of our residents already know, during the heavy rains of summer we have flooding problems in the lower lying areas of the Isle. This is not only a problem for cars, but also for bicyclists and pedestrians. Even more disturbing is the anticipated flood insurance increases that are expected to take effect shortly.

Effective October 1, 2019, upon City Council approval, the City of St. Petersburg will be implementing a tiered billing structure for stormwater rates for single-family properties. This new tiered structure will classify single-family properties into tiers, based on the square footage of impervious surface area (surfaces that water runs off), so that a property’s fee more accurately reflects its impact to our stormwater system. Be sure to check out the impact to you at Find more information and view your property’s impervious surface area measurement in the Stormwater Review and Appeals Portal at: Questions? Call 727-893-7280. Please take advantage of these opportunities to review and understand the impact on your utility bill prior to any changes.

In connection with all of our water issues, and as part of our September meeting, we have scheduled a well-informed and knowledgeable speaker named Jake Holehouse of Holehouse Insurance Group, who will discuss the impact to Snell Isle of the Coastal A Zone rate changes. These are serious issues and if you live on Snell Isle you will want to come to this event.

We are making a concerted effort to get our residents to join and become active members of SIPOA to voice your opinions and make your positions known on these, as well as a variety of other important subjects that come up throughout the year. If we remain complacent and turn a blind-eye, things will take place around us, without opposition, and impact our quality of life as well as our wallets, which, (perhaps with a large group voice), could be avoided, or at least mitigated. One thing we know for sure is that if no one speaks up, we will have no one to blame except ourselves.

One last thing: it is of vital importance that we get a head count as far in advance as we can, so we are asking for everyone to RSVP with the number of people who will attend our September 26th 6:30PM meeting. Please send an email to our communications chairman, Howard Pollack at his email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him, or text him, at (516) 356-0988 and let him know you’ll be coming. All your Board members will be there, and this offers you the opportunity to engage and discuss matters of importance to you. We hope you’ll join us!

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image Snell Isle is home to the historic The Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club, one of the Nation's premier golf courses.
image Our tropical surroundings provide waterfront vistas for most residents. Over 80% of the homes on Snell Isle enjoy waterfront views.
image In 1920, local developer C. Perry Snell began construction on what was originally, a muddy mangrove island.

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