Updated Covid Vaccine Info

There is a patchwork of systems in place throughout Florida’s 67 counties for getting registered and then receiving appointments to get the Covid vaccine. It is very confusing, to say the least. To try and simplify for us in Pinellas…

Pinellas County residents who only want to go to a location in Pinellas County to receive your vaccine, make sure you are registered at http://PatientPortalFL.com When Pinellas County announces new vaccines are available at https://Covid19.PinellasCounty.org/vaccines/ they will include the date and time the above site opens for appointments. When vying for appointments, you select the location in Pinellas County where you’d like to be vaccinated as there are several locations. As you know, lots of people are vying for appointments so you have to be quick!

For Pinellas residents willing to drive to another county to receive the vaccine the State has a number of counties that opted to go into their Statewide system MyVaccine.FL.gov which was just announced last week (those counties in the Tampa Bay area that are participating in the Statewide system are Citrus, Hardee, Highlands and Hillsborough). When you register at MyVaccine.FL.gov, your place in line will be reserved. Your registration at that site asks HOW you would like to be notified when a vaccine is available for you (phone, text or email). Since at this point Pinellas County has opted out of the State’s system, as a Pinellas resident, you could register and select Hillsborough (or Citrus, Hardee, Highlands) as the county you’d like to drive to in order to receive the vaccine. Selecting Pinellas at this point on this site gets you nowhere since Pinellas has opted OUT of the State’s system for now. Just as a matter of information, in the Tampa Bay area, these counties are NOT part of the Statewide system at this time: Hernando, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, and Sarasota.

As with everything to do with this Florida vaccination process, this information is accurate today but could change at any point.

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