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Alligator Alert - Coffee Pot Bayou

Please take note that a large alligator was spotted towards the end of Coffee Pot Bayou Wednesday evening around 8PM. Then a similar sized gator was spotted around 6:30PM Thursday night near the same area - between the 1100 & 1300 block of Monterey.

Keep children and your pets away from the water. Be safe. We know alligators feed during the dawn and dusk hours daily but PLEASE USE CAUTION when near the water at any time and especially if you flat board, kayak or swim!

Prepare now for 2016 Hurricane Season

Make certain your home is prepared and that you have a plan for you, your loved ones and your pets. Have food and water on hand for at least 3 days possibly without electricity. Have prescription medications. Keep your pets close. Have your contact people set up.

We are in an evacuation zone. Have a place to go if required to leave Snell Isle. If you need evacuation assistance, be certain to register early. Do not wait until a storm approaches, it may be too late to help.

Make a list of everyone on your block, contact information, etc. Check on all your neighbors frequently and please help the elderly and those living alone. Working together and helping each other, we can make it through this hurricane season too.

Below are some simple rules for surviving the storm . . . it’s everyone’s responsibility.

  • Know your evacuation zone. Snell Isle is Evacuation Zone A.
  • Prepare ahead.
  • Special needs.
  • Pet preparations.
  • Shelter options.
  • Host homes.
  • It’s coming.
  • After the storm.

Check the Pinellas County website for more detailed information at Also check the NOAA website at

Summer Break - Crime Prevention Info

from St. Petersburg Police Department

As we all know, most schools in our area are closing out their 2015 - 2016 school year in the coming weeks. It is with much anticipation that many students look forward to summer break to rest and relax; however, we cannot. We must maintain our established safety principles, i.e. locking our doors and windows, reporting suspicious activity, stopping mail and newspapers when travelling, and preparing our homes against threats of burglary.

During the summers months we generally see an increase in criminal activity, so to curb potential victimizations, the Crime Prevention Officers provide FREE Home Security Surveys for city residents. These surveys focus on areas of vulnerability around your home that can be potential targets for would-be criminals. After the evaluation, the home owner will be given recommendations to implement that can assist in better securing their residence.

If you are interested please contact your District Crime Prevention Officer … (Snell Isle is District 2).

  • District 1 Officer Johnny Harris 727-893-7559 / Officer Vaughn Murphy 727-893-4891 … District 1 is South side though it is not perfectly defined it from 6 Av S south to the city limits (towards the Skyway), and from approximately 40 St in some areas to the water eastward (towards Tampa Bay)
  • District 2 Officer Reginald Mitchell 727-893-4204 (Snell Isle) … District 2 is North side which is east of Interstate 275 to the water and from 5 Av S north to city limits.
  • District 3 Officer Mark Williams 727-893-4935 … District 3 is West-end which is west of Interstate 275 to Park St and 26 Av S to 40 Av N in most areas

If in doubt about your District, please call our Police Non-Emergency # 893-7780 for clarification. Please stay safe and watch out for one another on Snell Isle. Thank you.

Statue and Planter Beautification Project - Rally Challenge

Our Statuary Beautification Project is well underway and we thank our volunteers who are well into Phase 1 – the Planters. These volunteers are scrubbing, rinsing, painting & planting to make our planters look like they’ve all had “facelifts”! Phase 2 - in the fall - will spruce up the remaining statuary, the panthers, lions and griffins. A number of residents have signed up to “adopt” a specific animal – perhaps near their residence – that they would like to clean and paint next fall. Since the Isle has 120 animal statuary throughout, if you are so inclined, give us a call to reserve one you’d like to clean and paint. For now, keep an eye on all 41 of the planters around the Isle. You’re starting to see the effects of their “facelifts” as we proceed to scrub and clean, seal and paint and finally re-plant them with fresh, pretty plants!

Please call Bonnie Hargrett at 727-821-1048 if you’d like to volunteer, she’s eager to hear from you!

Rally Challenge ! ! !

We all know how convenient our good neighbors at the Rally Store at 22nd Avenue N and 4th St are. Well, Rally has made a challenge to all Snell Isle Residents to help us with the Statuary Beautification Project currently underway.

Every Snell Isle resident is challenged to write a check to help pay for the materials we need for our Beautification Project. As you know we will need a LOT of paint and plants. To help our association buy the materials we will need, we need your support. We welcome your support for any amount. For those of you who can, please consider helping us out with your check for $50 - $100 or more. Rally will match the first one hundred gifts of $50 or more. With your help and Rally’s, we will have the money we need for this project. All of your money, and Rally’s, will go to purchase cleaning supplies, paint, brushes, plants, etc. to complete this project. Then we encourage you to watch Snell Isle “bloom”!

Send your check today to:
  • Snell Isle Property Owners Assn, Inc.
  • **Statue & Beautification Project**
  • P O Box 7053
  • St. Petersburg, FL 33734

When you send in your check, please reference “Beautification” & also include your email address so we can keep you posted on the progress of this campaign. Let’s all help make Snell Isle SHINE! Thank you for your support.

Help our Planters, Panthers and Lions

Our Snell Isle Panthers, Lions and Planters urgently need your help. These lovely items are waiting for their spring spruce up and it is already May. Can you please help our Planters and also help our Panther and Lion statues?

As you ride all around our beautiful Snell Isle, you can’t help but notice our lovely statuary - all 140 of them. But as you may have noticed, many need “sprucing up”. We also have 29 Planters all around and those will be “spruced up” first. We need to empty them of all their leggy plants and dirt, clean them up (a little bleach and water and a very thorough rinse). Then we will repaint - if necessary –and then replant.

Do you live near one of these Planters? Or even if you don’t, would you please help us by “adopting” one or more. They will be replanted with succulents that don’t require much care but will need your watering and some of your great TLC!

We’re looking for your help with this project and want to get it done before summer’s heat sweeps upon us.

Some of you told us when you sent in your annual dues that you’d be willing to volunteer to help and Bonnie has spoken with some of you. We do need more volunteers though. If you’d like to help (or have your teenagers earn some community service hours) please contact Bonnie Hargrett who is spear-heading this year’s “Statuary Project”. She can be reached at 727-821-1048 and she looks forward to hearing from you.

Phase One is just the planters – all 29 of them - all around Snell Isle. With your help, we can finish this pretty quickly. (Most of the supplies needed will be given to you…bleach, paint, etc.).

Phase Two will include all the animal statues and be done just a little later this year.

The Planters, Panthers and Lions all thank you so much for your support!

Preventing Identity Theft

Preventing Identity Theft

Crime Prevention Officer Reggie Mitchell from St. Petersburg Police Department

It’s in the newspapers every day and on the news every night. People worry that someone will run up charges on their credit card or fleece their bank account while their back is turned. There is reason to worry. All a thief needs is your Social Security number to commit identity theft. This crime is relatively easy to commit, but investigating and prosecuting it is complex and time-consuming. But once you know the facts and some preventive measures you can take, you can win the fight against identity theft!

Identity thieves commit their crime in several ways:

  • They steal credit card payments and other outgoing mail from private, curbside mailboxes.
  • They dig through garbage cans or communal dumpsters in search of cancelled checks, credit card and bank statements, and preapproved credit card offers.
  • They hack into computers that contain personal records and steal the data.
  • They file a change of address form in the victim’s name to divert mail and gather personal and financial data.


  • To guard against identity theft, never give out your Social Security number. Treat it as confidential information.
  • Commit all passwords to memory. Never write them down or carry them with you.
  • When using an ATM machine, make sure no one is hovering over you and can see you enter your password.
  • When participating in an online auction, try to pay the seller directly with a credit card so you can dispute the charges if the merchandise does not arrive or was misrepresented. If possible, avoid paying by check or money order.
  • Adopt an attitude of healthy skepticism toward websites that offer prizes or giveaways. Chances are, all that’s been “won” is the opportunity to buy something you didn’t want in the first place.
  • Choose a commercial online service that offers parental control features.
  • Tell your children never to give out their address telephone number password school name or any other personal information.
  • Make sure your children know to never agree to meet face-to-face with someone they’ve met online without discussing it with you. Only if you decide that it’s okay to meet their “cyber-friend” should they arrange to meet this person, and then the meeting should be in a familiar public place in the presence of a trusted adult.
  • Tell your children never to respond to messages that have bad words, are scary, or just seem weird.
  • Tell your children never to enter an area that charges for services without asking you first.
  • Tell children never send a picture of themselves to anyone without your permission.
      • Make sure that access to the Internet at your children’s school is monitored by adults.

2016 SIPOA Officers

Please welcome your 2016 Snell Isle Association Officers and Board members.

  • President Doug Ellingsworth
  • Vice President Dot Admire
  • Secretary Gayle Moore
  • Treasurer Kathy Condon
  • Board Members Erin Youngblood, Warren Eisenhower, Mike Funsch and Rita Tallent
  • Past President Scott Youngblood

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