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Gator Alert from Councilman Ed Montanari

Snell Isle resident Bonnie Hargrett informed me that we have a 6-8 foot alligator possibly living in a storm drain pipe on Coffee Pot Drive by the Masonic Home. The alligator is frequently seen in Coffee Pot Bayou and may be going down towards Bird Island to feed.

The City and FWC are working to trap the alligator, and I have asked Parks and Rec to place a sign up at Northeast Exchange Club Park. The sign was put up earlier today. I have also requested that our Marketing Department get some information up on our website concerning the dangers of alligators.

Please inform Snell Isle residents about the alligator, and the need to stay away from it. If we have any luck in trapping it, I will let you know.

Thank you for all that you do for our neighborhood. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Ed Montanari, City Council - District 3, City of St. Petersburg

Gator Alert Update

Spoke with the alligator trapper yesterday &, as you might imagine, his job is very tricky, even more so due to the animal being in the bayou & not on land! The permit that FL Fish & Wildlife Commission (FWC) issues is only for his capture of the gator on the property of the person who requested their service! However, since so many of us have seen him swimming in the bayou, & we think it is the same one, anyone who has witnessed him & wishes to report it under that same permit # under which that the original report went in can contact FWC to “enjoin” that report. (Call Bonnie Hargrett for the contact info.)

It is very difficult for him to catch this gator. We thought the gator likely lived on one of the Vinoy Golf Course’s fresh water holes but, according to Randy Mosely, the Vinoy Golf Manager, he does not. So finding where he “lives” outside the bayou is part of the trapper’s work since it’s much easier to trap him on land rather than water! And 5’ is the length after which he should be taken out - professionally of course! There is some question as to the size of this gator. I told the trapper yesterday the one I’d seen was likely 7-8’. I sent him 2 pictures neighbors had sent me that I included in some previous Alerts I’d circulated


As you can well imagine, immediately after the child’s death in the Orlando Disney Park, FWC was called for literally HUNDREDS of gator reports - many for 2-3 foot gators…not something which is their priority. FWC is trying to capture gators over 5 ft. And in our case, they certainly don’t want to “catch” a pet with their trap so they use extreme caution in placing them. Their permit, issued on June 17th, is good for 35 days. So this trapper is still actively “working” our case but I did want to give everyone an update. Gators, like most animals, tend to feed at dawn & at dusk & that’s when most folks have seen him in the bayou. Thus far, he’s been seen off the open waters of Brightwaters, just inside the Snell Isle Bridge, in Sunset Cove (behind Coffee Pot Estates) & in the bayou near the the houses in the 1100 - 1300 block of Monterey.

PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN OUT ON THE WATER…especially on flat boards or kayaks. We will continue to keep you posted on the status.

Vote St. Pete as No. 1 Top Ten Town for Craft Lovers

St. Petersburg wants your votes as it runs for re-election as the No. 1 Top 10 Town for Craft Lovers in this year's American Craft Week poll. Last year, St. Petersburg edged Brattleboro, VT, to win the title of No. 1 Top 10 Town for Craft Lovers.

Art-loving citizens, visitors and members of St. Petersburg's arts community are all encouraged to cast votes daily at before the polls close Sunday, July 17. Results will be announced in the fall. For more information on American Craft Week or to cast a vote, visit or

This year, American Craft Week, which is dedicated to showcasing the nation's top craft towns and fine craft artists, has been extended an additional seven days, from October 1-16. In preparation for American Craft Week, St. Petersburg's offers art lovers and collectors many exhibitions of fine craft art for viewing or purchase at the Museum of Fine Arts, The Dali, Chihuly Collection, Florida CraftArt, the Morean Arts Center, and several of the city's independent art galleries.

Happy Father's Day

We want to wish all our fathers a very Happy Father’s Day this Sunday. Thank you for all you have done for us and please keep helping us to become better and better persons.

Alligator Alert - Coffee Pot Bayou

Please take note that a large alligator was spotted towards the end of Coffee Pot Bayou Wednesday evening around 8PM. Then a similar sized gator was spotted around 6:30PM Thursday night near the same area - between the 1100 & 1300 block of Monterey.

Keep children and your pets away from the water. Be safe. We know alligators feed during the dawn and dusk hours daily but PLEASE USE CAUTION when near the water at any time and especially if you flat board, kayak or swim!

Prepare now for 2016 Hurricane Season

Make certain your home is prepared and that you have a plan for you, your loved ones and your pets. Have food and water on hand for at least 3 days possibly without electricity. Have prescription medications. Keep your pets close. Have your contact people set up.

We are in an evacuation zone. Have a place to go if required to leave Snell Isle. If you need evacuation assistance, be certain to register early. Do not wait until a storm approaches, it may be too late to help.

Make a list of everyone on your block, contact information, etc. Check on all your neighbors frequently and please help the elderly and those living alone. Working together and helping each other, we can make it through this hurricane season too.

Below are some simple rules for surviving the storm . . . it’s everyone’s responsibility.

  • Know your evacuation zone. Snell Isle is Evacuation Zone A.
  • Prepare ahead.
  • Special needs.
  • Pet preparations.
  • Shelter options.
  • Host homes.
  • It’s coming.
  • After the storm.

Check the Pinellas County website for more detailed information at Also check the NOAA website at

Summer Break - Crime Prevention Info

from St. Petersburg Police Department

As we all know, most schools in our area are closing out their 2015 - 2016 school year in the coming weeks. It is with much anticipation that many students look forward to summer break to rest and relax; however, we cannot. We must maintain our established safety principles, i.e. locking our doors and windows, reporting suspicious activity, stopping mail and newspapers when travelling, and preparing our homes against threats of burglary.

During the summers months we generally see an increase in criminal activity, so to curb potential victimizations, the Crime Prevention Officers provide FREE Home Security Surveys for city residents. These surveys focus on areas of vulnerability around your home that can be potential targets for would-be criminals. After the evaluation, the home owner will be given recommendations to implement that can assist in better securing their residence.

If you are interested please contact your District Crime Prevention Officer … (Snell Isle is District 2).

  • District 1 Officer Johnny Harris 727-893-7559 / Officer Vaughn Murphy 727-893-4891 … District 1 is South side though it is not perfectly defined it from 6 Av S south to the city limits (towards the Skyway), and from approximately 40 St in some areas to the water eastward (towards Tampa Bay)
  • District 2 Officer Reginald Mitchell 727-893-4204 (Snell Isle) … District 2 is North side which is east of Interstate 275 to the water and from 5 Av S north to city limits.
  • District 3 Officer Mark Williams 727-893-4935 … District 3 is West-end which is west of Interstate 275 to Park St and 26 Av S to 40 Av N in most areas

If in doubt about your District, please call our Police Non-Emergency # 893-7780 for clarification. Please stay safe and watch out for one another on Snell Isle. Thank you.

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