Car break-ins, Storm Colin aftermath, Beautification request

Car Break-ins – LOCK IT UP . . . OR LOSE IT.

We send this message out frequently. Now here is what is happening. On Tuesday, an UNLOCKED car was broken into on Monterey. Last Sunday night there was an attempted car break-in on Monterey. Because the car was locked and the alarm went off, nothing was taken. When thieves find golden opportunities to steal in nice neighborhoods such as ours, they are invited back - again and again - to find other unsuspecting victims. Don’t be their next victim! Please keep all your doors and windows locked…always. Never leave your keys in your car. And always lock up your valuables. Try to bring them inside your home but if they have to stay in your car, place them out of sight in your trunk for safety’s sake. Please do not forget to LOCK IT UP. . . OR YOU WILL LOSE IT.

Help after Storm Colin

Many areas experienced severe flooding with Storm Colin, several spots on Snell. If you have a City drain near your property, please make sure it is clear of debris and weeds growing out of the pavement. Even late Tuesday night there were several areas on Snell Isle that were still impassible due to street flooding. The City’s Stormwater Department has huge vacuum trucks used to clear the drains of tree roots, limbs, debris, weeds, etc. If you noticed street flooding near your home and have a City drain nearby, check to make sure it has no impediment to drainage that you can see. Remember, what goes down these drains, lands in our waterways so it’s not the place for trash, leaves, brush, etc. Also, if you saw a manhole cover that was overflowing & bubbling up, please call to have that checked out by Stormwater also. Call the Mayor’s Action Line at 893-7111 and leave your message there that will be directed to the appropriate area but do be specific with the location.

Snell Isle Beautification Project – need empty 2 gallon jugs.

Finally, a request to help us with the Snell Beautification Project. If anyone has screw-top plastic gallon or 2 gallon jugs - like used Clorox bottles or ice-tea jugs, please save them. We are using them for the clean-up process of the statuary and for neighbors to water their planters. Once we get enough, we will let you know to please stop saving them for us. Please contact Bonnie Hargrett at 821-1048 or drop them by at 1140 Monterey Blvd NE. Thank you for your help with Snell Isle’s Beautification Project.

Again THANK YOU for your help and for watching out for one another. Let’s be safe AND lock it up too ! ! !

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