Missing Cockatoo and July 4th Safety Tips

Missing White Cockatoo

Salty, a bare-eyed Cockatoo got loose last night. He was up about 80’ in the owner's tree. He usually comes down when called but today he flew away. His wings were clipped and he was last seen in the 800 block of Eden Isle Blvd., NE. He is approximately 18 inches tall, all white, with a yellow plume and he has orange markings around his eyes and beak. He may fly into a neighbor's yard or be up in their trees. If anyone sees him they should not approach him. Please have them call Becky at 727.593.4699 or Frank at 727.432.1176 and they will come and get him. Thank you for your help.

July 4 Tips from SPPD

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Enjoy this Holiday weekend and all the activities.Please stay safe, keep your doors locked and garage doors down and watch out for one another. Also, especially on this busy Holiday weekend, please, please drive safely and defensively and enjoy the professional fireworks displays from a distance.

The message below is from our Community Service Police Officer Ray Merritt…

I just wanted to remind everyone to be safe this weekend and use caution when around any fireworks. The police department usually receives many calls about fireworks. Although most fireworks are illegal, people still are able to buy them throughout the county. I encourage people to attend a fire work display and save their money. Downtown will be every busy and after the fireworks display there will be grid lock with the traffic leaving the area.

Also please keep locking your vehicle doors. Auto burglaries are down, but we still must lock up. Be safe and I'll see you at the next meeting. Ray

Officer Raymond Merritt – St. Petersburg Police Department Community Service Police Officer

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