Adjusted Garbage and Recycle Pick-up Dates

Adjusted Garbage and Recycle Pick-up Dates

Due to federal holidays in January, the dates for garbage & recycle pick-up have been adjusted. Please note for the Holiday Weeks of Dec 26-30 AND Jan 2-6

  • Monday pick-ups will be on Tuesday
  • Tuesday pick-ups will be on Wednesday
We know those recycle bins are already full, but Snell Isle’s pick-up for those blue cans is not until next week on Tuesday, January 3rd.

About Snell Isle

image Snell Isle is home to the historic The Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club, one of the Nation's premier golf courses.
image Our tropical surroundings provide waterfront vistas for most residents. Over 80% of the homes on Snell Isle enjoy waterfront views.
image In 1920, local developer C. Perry Snell began construction on what was originally, a muddy mangrove island.

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