Please Be Alert - Petty Thefts in Monterey - Almedo area on Snell Isle

Please Be Alert – Petty Thefts in Monterey/Almedo area

The Monterey/Almedo area has had a number of petty thefts recently - bikes stolen, attempted breaking and entering, stolen iPad, rummaging through cars, suspicious “lookers”, etc. After the theft of an iPad from an UNLOCKED work truck on Wednesday, Feb 6, St Pete Police said there seems to be a ring in our area. They said the head of the ring just got out of jail and all of the crime around our area started up again.

Here is a description on the vehicle - a stolen Black Infinity with a yellow Alabama tag 29 DJ 866. A description of the occupants is that they are younger black males.

Call the police if a situation simply feels suspicious! Our officers are there to protect and to serve and we help them tremendously with our eyes and ears! WHEN YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING - Call SPPD at 727-893-7780! Please put that number in your Favorites on your cell phone.

As long as they can find our weakest link with unlocked house and car doors and opened garage doors…THEY WILL BE BACK! So please, please observe every safety precaution and LOCK UP, every single time! Don’t give these thugs a chance to ruin your day! They’ve already ruined a few of our neighbors days!

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