Panther Statue Destroyed by a Hit and Run

The SIPOA panther statue at the corner of Cordova & Lido Way was severely damaged by a HIT & RUN driver Saturday night (4-23-22) around 11:45PM. Footage was captured on a resident’s RING camera that was provided to St Pete Police when they took the report this morning. Because it was near midnight, the camera footage is not clear and absolute but it has been suggested it was done by a Camry or similar type vehicle. Based on how hard the panther and pedestal was hit, the driver had to be speeding as this statue weighs about 1200 pounds and the panther atop the base was totally destroyed. The driver was heading north on Cordova towards Eden Isle Blvd and should have substantial damage on their right front grill and headlight area. They did not stop after the accident.

If you see a vehicle, probably dark in color, missing the lamp cover shown below and pretty severe damage to their right front grill and side, please let us hear from you. We recently filed charges against a Commercial Company driving an 18-wheeler who destroyed a SIPOA planter at the corner of Snell Isle Blvd & Nina. We were quick to file charges against the Company and with the excellent and prompt work from our SIPOA Vice President, Michael Labbee, he was able to recover damages from that company within a month. We will press charges against the party who destroyed this panther but we need to find them first.

If you think you see a vehicle that might have this type of damage, do not approach it, but do get a description - make and model, along with the license tag, the most important part. Call Bonnie Hargrett at 727-821-1048 with the information. The Police are working the case and we want to be of assistance in any way possible so SIPOA can file an insurance claim. THANK YOU for your help!

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