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Washer Conservation Program

Washer Conservation Program - Communication Manager Bill Logan, St. Petersburg Water Resources

Washer Conservation Program available for St. Petersburg residents. Save on water and energy use with a brand new water conservation program. The St. Petersburg Residential Clothes Washer Rebate Program offers a rebate up to $125 for replacing an old high flow (non-HE) clothes washer with a new Energy Star-certified model.

This is one of many initiatives offered through St. Petersburg Water Resources to help in our conservation efforts.

Learn more here by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 727-892-5611

Sensible Sprinkling

Sensible Sprinkling - Communications Manager Bill Logan, St. Petersburg Water Resources

Sensible sprinkling has no season. Are your sprinklers running in the rain?

Did you know that there is a simple device that senses whether your sprinkler timer actually needs to run its next cycle?

One device is called a “rain sensor”, and St. Petersburg water customers with in-ground sprinkler systems can get one installed for no charge by participating in the Sensible Sprinkling Program. You will receive a FREE check-up, an efficiency report with site-specific recommendations, a diagram of the sprinkler layout, water conservation information, and an automatic shut-off hose nozzle.

Want to learn more and stop watering in the rain? Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 727-892-5611

MLK/9th St. reduce to 3 lanes

Important Notice

The City is quietly moving forward with a plan to reduce MLK/9th Street to three lanes between 34th Ave. and 5th Ave. N. There has been very little notice, yet they may begin construction as quickly as later this month. The motivation is to create two large independent bicycle lanes (11 feet wide) in each direction, and eliminate one automobile lane. Some portions will be one lane south bound and some one lane north bound. Not surprisingly, 64 businesses presented petitions to the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce June 26th, asking for the Chamber to help them lobby for keeping all four lanes open. Several of the businesses fear they may be forced to close. For those of you who use 9th Street between 5th Ave. and 34th Ave/, this likely will be a major change if implemented. It is easy to see that a significant number of 9th Street users will begin to use 4th Street instead, and of course that will add to the traffic on that major artery. As we have added many new residents since 2008, a number of residents have voiced their opinions against this change and fear that traffic will become even more congested.

Anyone who is concerned about this should contact City Councilman, Ed Montanari at (727) 893-7111 or email him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You should also contact Mayor Rick Kriseman at (727) 893-7201 or email him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Message from SIPOA Communications Chair - Howard Pollack

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, the new board of SIPOA was elected and in May the first meeting took place. Many topics were discussed and many useful suggestions were made, a number of committees were formed, and all in all this was a very productive first meeting.

Discussion focused on the repair and replacement of broken monuments and statues at various street corners including along the median, as well as cleaning and painting them. Further discussion centered on more beatification projects across Snell Isle, including the possible installation of a water feature within the median.

We also discussed ways to try to engage the residents of the Isle to become more involved and more informed. For those of you who aren't aware, SIPOA has a website which will be continuously updated with current information, pictures, links to City resources, including an Alert Program to keep us all safe and informed. The web address is: Please log on and check it out.

As a new member of the Board I volunteered to act as committee chairman of communications; and so in an effort to…ahem…communicate, I want to not only advise all the residents of the meetings, but further, I want to enlist the help of those of you who would like to give a little of your time to become more involved in the things that go on in our community. Perhaps you have a story to tell, or you took a great photo, or created a wonderful drawing? Or maybe you just wish to provide insight or information? Maybe you would like to volunteer to help at one of the functions that SIPOA promotes throughout the year? We are also looking for help with maintenance/cleaning of the monuments and statues located all over Snell Isle. Whatever it may be, I want to establish a dialogue with all of you who would like to become involved, even if it means just showing up with a smile and a handshake. I would like to provide a venue for any and all offers of engagement and assistance, so feel free to reach out to me via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please consider providing emergency contact information

Please consider providing emergency contact information to law enforcement in the event of an emergency. Should you be in an accident and first responders cannot unlock your phone to get contact information, this website, accessed only through the Florida Dept of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides an on-line tool for you to provide the information accessible by law enforcement. You must hold a Florida drivers license or Florida Identification Card in order to provide this information.

This service will allow you to provide emergency contact information to law enforcement in the event of an emergency. This information may save crucial time if ever it becomes necessary to contact family members or other loved ones. This service is only available to individuals holding a current Florida Driver License or Florida Identification Card.

Your personal information in Florida motor vehicle and driver records is blocked in accordance with the Driver Privacy Protection Act ( )

Consider linking to this website: and entering your emergency contact information. Better safe than sorry.

Weather Alert - Pinellas County

This is an important message from Pinellas County.

Pinellas County Emergency Management is advising residents to prepare for heavy rain and possible winds expected from the development of Subtropical Storm Alberto. Showers and storms, with locally heavy rainfall, remain in the forecast through the holiday weekend.

Local impacts are expected to include:

  • An additional three to five inches of rain through Tuesday, May 29.
  • Locally, rainfall may exceed six inches.
  • Increased potential for tides of one to two feet above normal.
  • Winds will be increasing with stronger sustained winds expected late Saturday into Sunday.
  • Localized flooding is likely in areas that see higher rain totals and are susceptible to flooding
  • Stream and river flooding concerns through the week remain due to the continued threat for heavy rain.

Pinellas County will be closely monitoring the situation and will relay any new information or weather threats as warranted.

Now is a good time for residents to review their preparedness plans in case of a weather-related event or emergency. Residents can also sign-up for Alert Pinellas to receive emergency notifications and weather advisories directly to their phone and email. Visit to sign up.

Residents can also download the Ready Pinellas app to view preparedness checklists and customized plans by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For more information about preparing for weather-related events or emergencies, visit

2018 Memorial Holiday week closures for St. Petersburg

Memorial Holiday week closures for St. Petersburg

Trash Collection:

  • Snell Isle’s normal Tuesday collection will be made on Wednesday
  • Thursday and Friday collections remain the same

St. Petersburg Government Facilities closed to the public on May 28:

  • City Hall and Municipal Services Center downtown
  • Boyd Hill Nature Preserve
  • The St. Petersburg Greenhouse
  • Libraries
  • Recreation centers
  • the Coliseum
    • Enoch Davis Center
    • Jamestown Apartments-Townhomes office and Dwight H. Jones Neighborhood Center
    • Mahaffey Theater Duke Energy Center for the Arts
    • Sunshine Center
    • Sunken Gardens' business office.

    St. Petersburg facilities open to the public on Monday, May 28:

    • Three City Golf Courses (Mangrove Bay, Cypress Links, and Twin Brooks)
    • Municipal beach concession stand (Treasure Island)
    • Municipal Marina Ship’s Store
    • North Shore Aquatic Complex and 8 Neighborhood Pools
    • Sanitation Department Brush Sites
    • Sunken Gardens' attraction.

    For water or sewer emergency service, call the Water Resources Department at 727-893-7261. For police, fire, or medical emergencies, dial 893-7780 or 9-1-1. Please drive safely and enjoy the holiday

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