Snell Isle Alerts

Almedo Way NE Closure March 18-22

Almedo Way NE will be closed to southbound traffic due to sanitary sewer repairs 3/18 at 8 a.m. through 3/22 at 4 p.m. Signage will detour southbound travelers through Laredo Way NE. The City of St. Petersburg apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks you for your patience and cooperation. City of St. Petersburg Marketing Dept.

For Snell Isle residents who enter or exit the Isle via Monterey/Almedo, you will need to alter your route next week. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS accordingly. Please be mindful of children playing also so please keep your speed to a minimum.

St. Pete Grand Prix - March 8-10, 2019

The 15th Annual Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg is March 8-10, 2019. As the IndyCar Series’ season-opening race for the ninth consecutive year, St. Pete is a destination city hosting this annual motorsports tradition and offering a festival atmosphere with its downtown location.

The temporary circuit is a 1.8-mile, 14-turn configuration using the streets circling Pioneer Park, the Duke Energy Center for the Arts, The Dali Museum and extending onto the runways at Albert Whitted Airport, which overlooks the waterfront of Tampa Bay and picturesque St. Petersburg Harbor and Marina.

Please check their website at for all the race details, street closures and special entertainment available this weekend. Enjoy the race and enjoy downtown St. Petersburg.

Please Protect the Manatees

Message from Snell Isle President

I would ask everyone to please be mindful of our need to protect these gentle giants, our manatee population. They have no means to protect themselves so it’s all up to us. Many manatees enjoy Coffee Pot Bayou since it’s a NO WAKE ZONE and most who enjoy this waterway observe those rules. The FFWC say to maintain 50 yards and do not approach.

Sunset Cove, the “inlet” inside Coffee Pot Bayou is a protected area and nursing calves, with their mother, live in this area. In May, Mama Manatee reacquaints with her 4-5 suitors but prior to that time, Sunset Cove is their home. Earlier today, this area had 7 kayakers, 2 paddle boarders and 2 small power boats very close to the big tail flipping of all of the above manatee activity. They are very inquisitive and will stop their intended behavior to see what is approaching.

Many new residents and visitors to our area of course mean no harm but getting too close does just that. It scares the manatee and changes their natural behavior. The waters in our State of Florida, the environment they love, lost many, many manatees to boat incidents and red tide this past year and we need to do all we can to help protect them. Many of us who live on the water post signs to PROTECT the MANATEE and STAY AWAY. Please share the message. Thanks for your help!

Bonnie Hargrett Your Snell Isle President

Missing Panther Newsletters

As you know, The Panther Newsletter is a monthly publication coming to your mailbox regularly. However, we’ve heard from SOME Snell Isle neighbors saying that they sporadically receive it or worse, never receive it. We’re trying to drill down to figure this out with our Euclid Station PostMaster.

If you are a household that SELDOM or NEVER receives your Panther monthly mailing, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know.

That will help us determine if there is a particular area affected and get to the root of the issue. THANK YOU for your assistance.

Bonnie Hargrett, Snell Isle Association President

Lane Closures: Almedo Way thru Friday 2/22

Lane Closures: Almedo Way NE

Southbound traffic on Almedo Way NE will be closed through Friday, 2/22. Drivers are encouraged to detour via Laredo Way NE. The City of St. Petersburg apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks you for your patience.

Unless you live in the Monterey/Almedo area, it may be wiser for you use an alternate means to enter and exit Snell Isle.

Marketing, City of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Police Update - Feb 11, 2019

Web article 2-11-2019 SPPD Update

Over the past 6 days the following crimes occurred.

  • Residential Burglary on Feb. 8th during the night at 1325 Snell Isle Blvd NE, a bike was stolen from the enclosed garage again from the Water Club at Snell Isle. There are no suspects.
  • Vehicle Burglary on Feb. 5th between 11 am and 12 pm at 135 Riviera Way NE, to an unlocked work truck. Ipad and cooler taken with no suspects.
  • Vehicle Burglary on Feb. 7th between 7 and 730 am at 1000 Brightwaters Blvd NE, to another unlocked work truck.
  • Grand Theft on between Feb. 3rd and 8th, at 1731 Brightwaters Blvd NE, dock box taken from dock. No suspects.

The work truck burglaries may have been committed by the stolen Black vehicle, but no vehicle was seen.

We’ve spoken with SPPD’s Asst Chief particularly noting a specific criminal, DAVID SHIVERS, assisting a number of south side children learn the ropes of committing crimes over multiple counties! He was sent to jail last July for 1-year for drug-related offenses, stolen cars, petty thefts, etc. but was released from jail on December 30th… WHY, I wish I knew but that’s an issue for our State’s Attorney’s Office! We strongly suspect he is helping to drive up our crime numbers here on Snell Isle and surrounding areas. We know a stolen black SUV and a stolen white Audi were both used in the commission of some of this week’s Snell crime (other neighborhoods also), but the police have recovered BOTH of those stolen vehicles. To be certain, the thugs are now in other stolen vehicles! One for sure is a Black Audi 4-door SQ5 with Mo. Tag DR2M8C. Sadly, this thug has a repertoire of stolen vehicles, all high-end, to do his/their dirty work. Please be on the lookout!

If our hunch is correct, and this thug is behind our increase in crime, please consider this ALERT a serious warning to LOCK UP, TAKE YOUR KEYS & VALUABLES & KEEP THOSE GARAGE DOORS DOWN…without exception. Otherwise, get your insurance company’s information handy as you’ll be calling them to file a loss claim!

  • Be smart!
  • Stay Alert to your Surroundings!
  • If you see something, say something!
  • We are only as good as our weakest link…and don’t let that be YOU!

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